• Austin Washington

    Has a Way With Words

  • Austin Washington HAS A WAY WITH WORDS

    Austin Washington's 4 1/2 star first book, The Education of George Washington, "made me laugh out loud" while "teaching an important lesson", according to a reader who traveled almost two hundred miles to see Austin give a short talk about it. PBS host Barry Kibrick's sons made a rare appearance at the Los Angeles taping of their dad's eponymous television show when Austin appeared on it, while reviewers on Amazon bought extra copies for their friends, or multiple versions (hardback/Kindle).


    The point is: Austin has a way with words!


    Austin has spoken to countless tens of millions of people in the media, and tens of thousands, live.


    Austin's second book, Horace, is perhaps unique in the history of children's literature, being launched in an art museum, illustrated by a legendary artist, immediately taken up by schools which have performed versions of it, and been the focus of a fun-day-at-a-serious-museum for kids of all ages.



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    The super nice make-up lady at the Barry Kibrick show Between the Lines, C., said my photo would go on the makeup room wall, right next to the one of her and Oscar winning actor Kirk Douglas – as I was the first out of 500 hundred guests to pick her up for the photos she liked to take with guests!


    Her husband’s photo was also on the wall, and weirdly enough, looked EXACTLY like John Lennon. Like, I almost didn’t believer her at first when she said it wasn’t him. Hmm…




    I am about to go out and help the world discover my new life-changing book Horace, and hope I will have as good a time this time as I was clearly having in that photo :0


    Jim Rees, recently deceased legendary director of Mount Vernon, publicly said "George Washington would consider himself quite fortunate that one of his descendants was as creative and adventurous as Austin Washington" while privately saying "God, I wish I could trade places with you."