• Austin Washington


  • Austin Washington

    Austin Washington is currently President of The George Washington Foundation, to which all his proceeds from The Education of George Washington are donated. He has spoken to countless tens of millions of people in the media, and tens of thousands, live.


    Austin has been a noted public speaker, director of several commercially and critically successful plays, and managed to convince PBS to do the only show in its history dedicated to George Washington; Austin was recently awarded a Friend of Russia Award by Russia's two most famous musicians (classical and popular) – Tamara Gverdtsiteli and Yuri Rozum; Austin has spoken to countless millions of people through the media (and therein has been referred to as "America's Prince" – Shalom Daily News), has received 4.5 Amazon stars over several years for his critically-lauded and word-of-mouth first book that just keeps on selling; Austin has inspired at least one person to travel over a hundred miles to tell him this first book made her "laugh out loud while teaching an important lesson", has inspired over 20,000 high school graduates at their graduations by conveying the quasi-spiritual (yet awesomely cool) values also conveyed in his first book; Austin started his first business at the age of four, bought bitcoin when it cost four dollars, and recently had a world famous museum dedicate an entire exhibit to his second book, Horace – as yet only available in the Burganov House Museum (recently voted the most popular museum in eastern Europe).


    Jim Rees, recently deceased legendary director of Mount Vernon, publicly said "George Washington would consider himself quite fortunate that one of his descendants was as creative and adventurous as Austin Washington" while privately saying "God, I wish I could trade places with you."


    (And yet Austin is humble. Oh, so very humble.)